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Bukan senang untuk kereta nasional kita mencuri tumpuan diluar negara. Kadang-kadang langsung tidak dipandang oleh mereka yang mungkin tidak kenal akan jenama keluaran Malaysia, Proton mahupun Perodua. Bagaimanapun terkedu juga ammboi apabila membaca laporan sebuah laman web Australia mengenai review kenderaan keluaran Proton iaitu Exora.

Proton Exora lebih baik daripada Honda Odyssey? Menerusi review berkenaan, tidak dinafikan ada beberapa kelemahan Proton Exora. Namun begitu satu perbandingan yang dibuat dari segi pemanduan dengan Honda Odyssey sudah cukup untuk mengagumkan kita semua. Menurut penulis berkenaan, pemanduan Proton Exora lebih baik dari Honda Odyssey.

Berikut adalah petikan dari laman web berkenaan:

proton exora vs proton alza

“The Proton Exora rides more comfortably than the Odyssey, though. While the Malaysian model’s suspension (struts up front, torsion beam at the rear) can be occasionally noisy as it tries to deal with messy road surfaces it’s competent at keeping the body composed.”

proton exora review australia

Jadi, tidak hairanlah kalau semakin ramai orang kita sendiri memilih Proton Exora sebagai MPV untuk keluarga mereka. Beberapa perubahan yang dibuat oleh Proton ternyata telah memberikan impak dan jenama Proton mungkin semakin ‘pulih’ dari kritikan dan cemuhan rakyat Malaysia keseluruhannya.

bahagian dalam proton exora

Banyak lagi kelebihan Proton Exora yang telah penulis berkenaan sebutkan. Bab kelemahan pula, antaranya adalah mengenai beg udara yang tidak dilengkapi di tempat duduk barisan kedua dan ketiga.

review proton exora

Anda boleh baca petikan penuh artikel berkenaan dibawah:

The Proton Exora is here to help big families on a tight budget | In a day where it would cost a family of seven about $500 for a day trip to Wet’n’Wild, and up towards $250 to go watch a 3D movie at the cinema, a brand new people-mover available for just $25,990 with nothing more to pay may seem heaven sent in relative terms.

The Proton Exora replaces Kia’s Rondo as Australia’s cheapest seven-seater after the South Korean rival stepped up in price with its second-generation version launched locally in 2013. Proton splits its people-mover into two trim grades: GX and GXR. Even the base model has its share of standard-feature highlights.

They include air-conditioning across all three rows, Bluetooth, LED tail-lights, 16-inch alloy wheels and reverse sensors, though possibly most notable is the ceiling-mounted DVD player that will help to keep the rugrats entertained.

The Proton Exora GXR costs another couple of grand at $27,990 drive-away. It adds some aesthetic touches such as extra bits of chrome here and there, daytime running lights and a rear spoiler, though the important additions are a reverse-view camera and cruise control.

Running the Proton is made cheaper by the inclusion of free servicing for five years (with a maximum of 75,000km), free roadside assistance for five years (up to 150,000km) with a five-year/150,000km warranty thrown in for good measure. However, while the Proton giveth peace of mind on the one hand with that generosity, it also taketh some of it away with the omission of protective airbags for the second and third rows. Only the driver and passenger benefit from the potentially life-saving cushioning devices.

The Exora also misses out on a full five-star independent crash rating, losing some marks for its performance in the frontal offset test. If this is a budget-priced people-mover, it is reflected in the cabin that is 50 shades of grey of the literal rather than literary variety.

The design layout is super-basic as are the unrelentingly hard, dull plastics, with upholstery in grey whether you have the GX (cloth) or GXR (leather, with brown highlights).

Storage isn’t great, either, with narrow door pockets and a centre console tray that sits on the floor but is shallow and requires looking away from the road or fumbling around for items such as your mobile. There are dual gloveboxes, though. Boot space is decent, the loading lip isn’t too high, and the rearmost seats also split fold 50/50 for cargo/passenger flexibility.

A comfortable driving position isn’t guaranteed for everyone with the lack of telescopic adjustment for the steering wheel and seatbelt height adjustment. The front armrests of the GXR are also flimsy. Moving back a row, the middle section of the cabin provides good legroom for adults though the seats are flat and unsupportive.

The seatbacks here split 60/40 with a top tether child seat set-up though no Isofix points for the clever child seat restraint system that will be available in Australia in the near future. There’s also a 12V socket in the middle row, with the GXR trim grade gaining an extra one for the back row.

Headroom is excellent in that third row, though the shortage of legroom and virtually non-existent toe space makes these two seats a best-left-for-the-kids scenario.

There is that DVD screen to help pass the kilometres remember (hoping the kids can agree on what to watch), while all occupants get audio entertainment in the form of an aftermarket-style Clarion audio fitted as factory standard. And it’s a great-sounding system.

You may be tempted to turn up the volume, though, to cover over some of the various noises that intrude into the cabin.

The brake pedal in our test car would squeak regularly, buzzes emanated from the dash under acceleration, and the continuously variable transmission auto also made a constant whine, accompanied by some whistle from the turbo fitted to the Exora’s engine. The 1.6-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine and CVT don’t make a bad combination, though.

There’s only a modest 103kW of power and 205Nm of torque, but the latter is at least produced in a good drivability zone of between 2000 and 4000 revs. (In contrast, the rival Rondo in petrol form produces 213Nm at a high 4700rpm.)

There’s some initial sluggishness off the line, but from there the Proton Exora picks up sufficient people-transporting pace and the transmission helps make that acceleration a smooth affair. It helps that the Exora weighs about 100kg less than the Rondo despite the 4.6m-long Proton being bigger than the Rondo (about 7cm longer and 8cm taller).

Official fuel consumption of 8.3 litres per 100km is reasonable for a seven-seater, though it’s pipped by the Rondo here (7.9L/100km) as well as the bigger (more expensive) Honda Odyssey (7.6-7.8L/100km).

The Proton Exora rides more comfortably than the Odyssey, though. While the Malaysian model’s suspension (struts up front, torsion beam at the rear) can be occasionally noisy as it tries to deal with messy road surfaces it’s competent at keeping the body composed.

Competent is also a good word to describe the steering, which is sufficiently smooth and just needs to be a bit quicker from lock to lock to make the Exora feel more car-like than bus-like.

The Kia Rondo is the stronger people-mover choice if you can stretch to $29,990 (current drive-away deal at time of writing in May 2014), with its more appealing interior and superior safety.

The Exora’s omission of airbag protection for middle- and rear-row passengers is certainly not ideal, and it reduces the vehicle’s Price and Features rating that would otherwise have been a 9 out of 10.

Cabin quality and refinement are also lower than would be preferable, but buyers will weigh that up against the fact this is a competent people-mover that’s both extremely cheap to buy and run. | http://www.caradvice.com.au/287300/proton-exora-review/

proton exora lebih baik daripada honda odyssey

Apa pula pandangan anda? Kalau anda pemilik Proton Exora, apa respon anda mengenai review ini? Jika anda antara yang anti dengan kenderaan keluaran Proton, apa pula komen dan masalah anda dengan jenama ini? Sama-sama kita kongsikan dibawah.

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  1. Katak Comel says:

    tggu ank gua da rmai, wa akn angkt mpv dr proton sebijik..

  2. abuadam says:

    Saya dah pakai Exora lebih 4tahun…Alhamdullilah terbaik!
    No complaints. …

  3. anonymous says:

    Pasaran luar nye kualiti same ke ngan pasaran malaysia ni..bak mai story skit bang..

  4. cik yan says:

    Ni compare odc zaman bila…
    kena tulis terang2 sket…
    ra ker, rb ker… rb pun dh keluar rb4..

  5. wan says:

    Emmm…jauh kedepan kete import…kita bukan negara pengeluaran keta..sembang kat kedai kopi ok la..

  6. Sweet lalola says:

    No complain tentang EXORA… kereta trbaik yg sy penah pakai…

  7. Wan Azmi Wan Ahmad says:

    Saya dah 8 tahun guna French mpv..dan dah masuk tahun keempat guna Exora Bold..sangat berpuashati dengan kedua2nya.

  8. Karim says:

    Adhoiiii nak termuntah pun ada….camner odc harga RM 239k dia nak bandingkan ngan produk bawah 100k????

    • Anonymous says:

      Odc tax banyak oooo…harga sebenar murah juga

    • ecka says:

      abang karim baca betul2 dulu sebelum komen, kang wat malu je kalau org cakap kurang peka,,,
      aussie punya writer tu compare exora dengan odyssey in term of comfort je,,,
      as well known proton punya ride & handling mmg jdm xleh lawan..
      yg lain2 kompem la proton jauh mengalah ke belakang…

  9. faizi says:

    Ok saya baru pakai exora cvt turbo. Terbaik …

  10. Anonymous says:

    odc dihati

  11. onlajer says:

    Untung lah gua , pasal dah lebih tiga tahun gua miliki exora ini

  12. Abe D says:

    X mampu beli Exora,mampu angkat ODC umur 15 tahun je..itupun dah OK…so Exora mesti lg ummpp la..

  13. adel says:

    Kereta exora mmg tbaik…sesuai utk seisi keluarga…wlupun harganya x sehebat dan secantik odc…kat malaysia ni keta luar negara mmg mahal…tp kat negara indon..keta luar negara murah…blambak org pakai…siap jd teksi pun ada…sama jga dgn keta proton…jd jgnla bbangga sgt dgn keta luar negara ni…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Org berduit kata tak de um… Pakai exora sebab murah. Org sederhana duit kata memang terbaik gila lah. Saya pula kata emmmm terbaik … Sebab dah pakai lamadah sejak mula exora lahir lagi. Saya bangga Malaysia mampu mengeluarkannya. Taniah.Apa orang kata saya tak peduli.

  15. melatisukma says:

    Aku dh pakai lbh 4 thn. Okey jer. Aku bangga ada exora…

  16. nor says:

    Dah terang lagi bersuluh….Terbaiklah!!… baru pakai exora… sgat2 puashati…

  17. jimmy kasdi says:

    Mengalahkn toyota alphard.terbaik lah exora..sangat2 comfortable..

  18. kk says:

    Ya ke exora bagus pada nissan livina parking n bandi gkan tak payah nak ckplah

  19. protonerz says:

    terbaik lah exora..sangat2 comfortable..kipidap

  20. Wanzuraimi says:

    Dari segi keluasan…prestasi…mmg dah improved byk dari keluaran dulu…setakat 7seaters full dgn penumpang dan barang2…90kmh ke 140kmh….masih takde masalah…ruang bagasi jugak masih terdapat ruang yg cukop…pilih je versi turbo atau cps…dua2 terbaik….
    ALHAMDULILLAH PROTON EXORA mmg terbaik utk keluarga saya

  21. noobies says:

    Nampak 1 aje keypoint dia highlight, pmanduan exora lebih selesa dari odysey, yang lain semua dia xplain spec exora. Xfull bandingkan Xley assume terus one side win.

  22. Salieyh says:

    Dah guna Exora selama 6 tahun.Sgt berpuas hati..Masih boleh memecut sehingga 160km/j di jalan rata tanpa rasa bimbang..Tiada masalah memotong di bukit..Yang penting ada memahami kriteria kereta anda…

  23. anuar says:

    Nak beli Exora new facelift tahun 2015,hubungi saya di http://www.keretaproton.com atau WhatsApp no saya 0193272643,Anuar@jebat

  24. gogon says:

    Yg pakai exora ni dh cuba pandu odyssey blm? Model RB dan yg paling baru RC…kalau banding exora dgn RA mungkin la selesa exora..cuba bandingkan dengan RB dan RC…mcm langit dengan bumi..jd mana yg mampu pakai exora..pakai je…yg mampu odc pakai je..tp maaf..keselesaan..kemantaapan..kepuasan..mmg pada odyssey…cuba lah dulu

    • DiMarzio says:

      Artikel ni ditulis oleh Jez Spinks bertarikh 27 May 2014. So kau agak model ODC apa yang ada kat market tahun 2014? Dah tentu lah ODC model RC…

  25. ahmad safuan says:

    Saye rase honda lebih elok daripada proton

  26. mr.raff says:

    Saya pakai exora bold.Beli tahun 2012.buat masa ni tiada masalah besar trjadi.cuma lampu ABS menyala dan trjadi 2 kali dah.tp dlm jaminan.skrg jaminan dah habis dah mula risau.sbb 2 ke 3 kali terjadii gear auto x brtukar. jln gear 1.tp bila off suis ok semula.harap2 tiada masalah berlaku.dah 2 bulan x jadi macam tu.tp kalau banding dgn ODC.mmg ODC lg bgus.padan la dgn harga.enjin power ODC.kselesaan pemamduan mmg ODC.apepun.exora mmg the best.harap2 kreta saya tiada masalah yg berat2.dh nk 4 thun guna.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Australian dolar 26,000…convert malaysia ringgit still under RM60k bfore matawang malaysia jatuh….kenapa exora yang jual dlm malaysia harganya jauh lebih tinggi but exora export punya kualiti jauh lebih baik dgn exora dlm negara….cuba bandingkan honda ngan exora dlm negara, ada berani???

  28. joeha says:

    Proton exora ok

  29. md rasid says:

    Baca jurnal kenderaan, antara kenderaan terbaik keluaran proton ialah exora, suprima, preve dan inspira. Setanding dgn ferari walaupun ada kelemahannya. Syabas proton.

  30. AB says:

    Baru 9 bln guna Exora Bold Prime full spects. Bawa balik Kelate hari tu mmg mantap…. terhenjut 150km/ j….. tak rasa apa… sib baik wife tegur suruh slow… last2 set Auto Cruise 110km/j…. selamat sikit…

    Mmg puas hatilah performance Exora….

  31. Anonymous says:

    ezora ok!! mcm pelik je…kiki

  32. Aslina BT Munjaini says:

    Saya dah guna 4 tahun masalah hanya yg biasa2 aje ( Malaysia boleh )

  33. am says:

    Tak pernah pandu odc. Tapi pandu exora mmg best. Selesa, stabil, mantap, lengkap dgn segala ciri-ciri yg dikira penting. Dan yang paling penting, ia direka untuk Rakyat Malaysia

  34. WB 2909 R says:

    Proton Exora hasil tangan anak Malaysia.. Yg kita hantar belajar pandai2.. Sokong lah mereka… Sememangnya tiada siapa pun hendak hasil ciptaannya tidak memuaskan… semua nya hendak terbaik dan alangkah bangganya mereka bila hasil ciptaan mereka di pandu oleh ahli keluarga mereka, suami/ isteri, ibu/bapa
    rakan2, cikgu mereka dahulu…
    sokong lah mereka dan bagi teguran membina untuk mereka memberi hasil terbaik kepada kita rakaat Malaysia..

  35. Hassim idin says:

    Tak bagus…. Sebab saya belum beli…. Jika dah miliki sure bagus

  36. Anonymous says:

    Ramai gak yg bangang bila baca omputih..kalu xpaham omputih tu tulis apa xpayah tunjukkan kebengapan tu simpan sket tu raya ke 28..

  37. Anonymous says:

    Sgt ok dgn harganya, mampu memberi keselesaan,pemanduan yg tak meletihkan, kestabilan, kelancaran injennya. Yg penting selamat utk d bawa ke destinasi dan tak mendatangkan masalah. Pandangan dr org yg poket kecil

  38. Anonymous says:

    Dah pkai 6 thn alhamdulillah ok..exora the best..

  39. Anonymous says:

    Sy pakai exora bold turbo mmg puas hati..Dr segi aircond mmg trbaik dr wish.cousion pakai wish pn complaint sbb aircond xsampai tmpt duduk belakang.panas.kalu ada ank ramai, utk prjlnn jauh mmg selesa.. Sbb ruang yg luas n tinggi dari bumbung..Yg lebih power bwk exora bla tekan S.A.T..Rasa tujahan turbo

  40. Mohammad says:

    Pemanduan exora utk long distance I.e kl-penang memang OK. Stable, panjang lebar seauai utk 120-130km/h. On flat road. Saya dah guna hampir 6 tahun old model CPS naik bukit lembab sikit. Better gun a letest model bold.

  41. zainol says:

    Saya baru pakai exora SP(CFE) Mac 15. Sebelum ni pakai waja campro.Exora pun Campro tapi ngan turbo mmg terbaik.

    Speed test setakat ni 190km/hrs @ short distance lam range 10km.Long distance @ 140km/hrs – 160km/hrs PLUS Highway@250km.

    Corner – Lepas tol Duta masuk KL @ 80km/hrs.

    Bukit – C.Highland @ 4dewasa & 4kanak2 gear L.

    Kalo pakai wish,odessy, g.lavina, alphard,estima boleh try la nak tgk.Belum tentu lagi. Hee hee.
    Exspecially yg joint EOCM tu.

    Overall mmg terbaik. Tak menyesallah ambik.

  42. mfaz says:

    Guna kereta apa pon ada rosak…kalau guna Proton spare part murah sikit…kereta import spare part mahal banyak…Dah guna exora 4 tahun Alhamdulillah OK.

  43. john says:

    Bgi sya.. sya bngga ngan proton baik buruk mna pun ttap proton.. bab skrg sya msih guna wira dh 11 thn smp skrg.. trkini sya beli plak ezora dh 4 bln sya guna tu pun scndhnd. Tu pun yg sya mmpu beli.. tahan k x tahan atas cra pnggunaan harian kita. Tq proton.

  44. You could certainly see your enthusiasm within the article you write.
    The sector hopes for more passionate writers such as
    you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow
    your heart.

  45. lady2 says:

    1985…. JBK ****

    ayah beli proton saga n sy pakai sampai sekarang…x pernah bagi masalah…

    1993…. JFT ****

    Ayah beli iswara aeroback….tapi kereta ni jarang sngat dibawa..milage x smpi 80k kihkihkihkih….bau pn sedap lg mcm bau baru….

    2004 …. JHM ****

    Ayah beli Waja pun masih pakai hingga sekarang….tiada sebarang masalah….

    2007…. JLA ****

    Ayah belikan saya saga BLM baru keluar time tu…senang nk g tmpt bljar….pun di gunakan sehingga sekarang tiada sebarang masalah….

    2016…. J** ****

    Akan datang….InsyaAllah otw EXORA Premium….untuk kegunaan keluarga……

    ***Ayah kata kereta paling bagus sekalipun kalau guna x cermat smua tebarai juga…..n jgn banyak tangan yg pakai…..

    Tu je la yang mampu d comment sebagai pengguna proton…..keluarga sy x bnyk duit nk beli kereta2 import….mampu guna kereta malaysia sahaja……alhamdulillah setakat ni kesemuanya tiada sebarang masalah…..

  46. anuar says:

    ‘kes polis kejar proton exora di banting tahun lepas. Power gila…

  47. Budin says:

    Wira sy Dan berusia lebih 19 then…still OK…jgn kt kereta Msia x bagus….ni sy nak tgkap Exora sebijik….

  48. wak eng says:

    ada banyak pro n con..
    poniang…yg penting tanya rasa n tengok poket…waduhhhhh

  49. zakie says:

    Alhamdulillah dh pakai exora 6thn… sangat puashati.. ;P

  50. PUTRA says:

    kwn pengguna EB keluaran 2012.
    – sgt selesa utk yg dah berkeluarga.
    – air cond sgt sejuk (bole beku bijik)
    – pickup xde masalah nak overtake, pjt bukit senyum (pernah tapaw livina naik genting)
    – tayar spare spotrim standard 16inci tbaik (dulu pki gen2 rim besi wane kuning)
    – minyak safe ikot cara pemanduan.
    – value for money utk saye ni bini x keje.
    – pernah test speed 180kmh hway utara selatan masih stabil bole pg lg x brani bile pk ade pasenger.
    – myk gear box tuko pd 60k milelage n plug(tp kos rm1.2k)
    – dlm waranty klim tuko abs sensor 2kali, plastik radiator tuko kpd besi, start enjin ade bunyi bende pelik pd engin, tuko oilseal myk hitam leak.
    – yg ni paling aku geram engin slalu jerking mcm nak mati slps servis dlm 2minggu jd balik. proton servis throtle body n tuning blk skjp je ok jd blk. sampai abis waranty x selesai. katanye lps tuko myk gear box n plug ok. bohong skjp je jd balik. penat dah aku gi proton msalah yg sama berulang. padahal aku x pernah servis bengkel luo pun. tp nak wat camne tu je kereta mpv yg kite mampu pakai. n yg terkini rakan sekerja pakai EB masalah sama engin jerk kene tuko gear box sketul kerugian dkt 8k. adoi harap x jadi pada EB aku.

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